Customs clearance involves the preparation and submission of documentation required to facilitate exports or imports into the country, representing the client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.

The specialists of Custom clearance are known as Custom brokerage.

Having the wrong person handle your customs brokerage can be very problematic. Shipping containers are warehoused as they go through customs clearance. Warehousing and storage fees can add up quickly. If there is a problem with your customs brokerage and your customs clearance does not happen smoothly, your shipping costs could go up by hundreds to thousands of dollars.

IGLogistics looks after certifying and managing consignments between countries and is authorized to do so by the international customs authorities. 

IGLogistics investigate the guidelines to defeat the difficulties with accuracy. We additionally recognize the requests for your business and help you mastermind your administrative work as per the needs.

How will Custom Clearance experts help you?

  • Most of the organizations cannot manage the cost of work force versed in the complex administrative prerequisites representing the shipping of products overseas. For this situation, they can outsource this business impedance and opt for customs clearance services.

  • They will ensure your shipments cross borders and make it to their intended destination securely. 

  • Most importantly they will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses.